Gisborne Cosmopolitan Club Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use the club facilities?
Any financial member of the Gisborne Cossie Club can sign in 10 guests at any time. Any visitor who is a financial member of any Clubs New Zealand affiliated Club, is allowed to use the club facilities as we are a member of the Clubs New Zealand organization and our members enjoy the same rites when visiting other member clubs. Please Note; all guests and visitors are bound by the host clubs rules.
Are there family membership subscriptions?
The Gisborne Cossie Club does not have a family membership option in practice at this time.
What accommodation options are available near the club?
The Club is situated close to a number of Motel & Hotel options and the Waikanae Holiday Park is within 5min walking distance of the Club.
What other clubs does my club membership give me entry to?
As explained in the first question any Club affiliated to the Clubs New Zealand organization.
Overseas visitors?
As we are only affiliated to the clubs within New Zealand overseas visitors do not receive affiliated privileges: But all overseas visitors are treated to a warm welcome by our members and staff who would only be to happy to sign in a visitor to enjoy our Gisborne Hospitality.
Club sponsorship?
Any local organization can apply for club sponsorship by addressing a letter to the club, to be presented to the Club Committee for discussion on a merit basis at the monthly Committee Meeting.

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